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Our campsite is ideally situated in the beautiful department of Calvados, which is part of the magnificent region of Normandy.

Calvados, a department full of discoveries for the greatest pleasure of the people who stay there. On the coast, you will discover: the seaside with its large sandy beaches, the landing beaches, the cliffs overlooking the sea, you can also walk or cycle along the coastline by the maritime bicycle route. Inland, there are many things to see and visit, such as museums and cemeteries commemorating the Second World War, the abbeys of the city of Caen and its medieval castle.

Not far away, in Lisieux you can admire and visit the Basilica of Saint Theresa of Lisieux, as well as in Bayeux where the cathedral and the tree of freedom will fascinate you. The Bayeux tapestry is also a must-see. If you go a little further afield and stay in Normandy, the Mont Saint Michel and its bay will give you a wonderful time. The walks and hikes in the various marshes, forests, seaside and coastal paths of Normandy will make you discover a biodiversity and an authentic nature.

Normandy and its departments are a great region of breeding and very diversified cultures. Horse breeding of all categories is very present. For horse lovers, meetings, races and sales are regularly organised.

The art of the table is very well established in Normandy, cider, calvados and all other apple products are promoted. Of course, we must not forget the multitude of cheeses to be tasted for the greatest pleasure of the taste buds. On the coast, seafood, shellfish and fish are in the spotlight.

Throughout the seasons, festive, cultural and traditional events are organised throughout the Normandy region.